Washington # 34-A Rental

Property Information

Property Type: Long-Term Rental
Address: Washington
Location area: Noord
Country: Aruba
Listing Status: Active
Contract for Rent: 12 Months
Bedrooms: 2
Bathrooms: 1 ((big bad tube and douche are separate)
Does not Include:  Completely Unfurnished, no air conditioners, no refrigerator, no stove.Does not Include: Electricity, Water, Gas, Wi-Fi, Septic Service. ( All the services will befall under the tenant’s name, Elmar, Web, Setar Net)

Pets Are Allowed!!!

Price for Rent: Awg: 1.750/ U$D: 1.000

Property Description:
This spacious house is for rent in the central area of Noord. With 2 bedrooms and a huge bathroom that has a bad tube and a separate shower. This property could be a perfect home for a mid-size family. The interior of the house has very large and comfortable spaces. The outside of the property is also completely spacious and has plenty of room for the kids to play around. Your cars will also have plenty of parking space inside the fence. The Washington neighborhood has very quiet neighbors and is a very safe area. You are the only one that is missing to live in this wonderful property.

Important Requirements for Renting:
* ID, Drivers Lisence, Passport, Censo 5.=
* Pay-Slip & labor reference
* 1 Month deposit required + 1 Month advance

Listing Agent: Aurora or Raymond Tromp

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 (+297) 7307871 / (+297) 7317871

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